Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thoughts for the year

In the second post of my year end review, here are some sayings this year that I have found helpful.

1. You don’t need to have a mac book pro and an avalon guitar to lead worship well, but it does help.

2. Walk more slowly and surely. Real fruit, more often than not, comes from a steady, persistent, non-dramatic, walk with God.

3. Enjoy the big conference, event, or central concert where everything seems so perfect. But don’t mistake it for church. Church has much more to do with people turning up late, guitars being out of tune, ear-splitting feedback, and playing ‘how great is our god’ again.

4. Take coffee more seriously. It really does effect your anointing.

5. The Christian worship CD market is all but over. Deal with it.

6. Remember that most leadership is about bringing about change. If you constantly feel like you are stretching your team slightly beyond where they want to be, then you may just be doing some things right.

7. You get most things done in church because of relationship. Structures can help, but there’s no value in becoming structurally strong and relationally weak. Whole churches and church movements die because they don’t understand this.

8. See if you can get through the next year without singing ‘Shine Jesus Shine’. I’ve done it for 7 years in a row now. My soul feel alive.

9. Stop knocking Graham Kendrick.

10. Acknowledge that for most church congregations, worship is like jelly. It is messy and wobbles a lot. The worst thing worship leaders can do is try and nail it to a wall.


David Gate said...

"My soul feel alive"

... is that jive talk?

Matt Wilson said...

Maybe the best worship is messy and wobbles allot and if it seems too good to be real worship maybe it is too good to be real worship

umero numero
5. I should be soo luckey

Dave K said...

Number 4 for sure.